Aircraft Modification/Repair Design and Certification

Othman Aviation has experience with the design and certification of modfications and repairs on a range of aircraft types.

  • - Scientific equipment installations         - External stores on wings and fuselage
  • - Nose booms                                           - Air sampling ports
  • - Equipment rack designs                       - Antenna installations
  • - Camera hole cutouts                              - Auxiliary fuel systems
  • - Survey equipment installations             - Helicopter fixed magnetometer stingers
  • - Metallic and composite structures        - Welded structures
  • - Repairs

Design & Documentation

Othman Aviation provides top notch-design and documentation services, with extensive experience in technical documentation for aircraft design, modifications and installations. We can help every step of the way, from concept to completion.

Manufacturing & Installation

Othman Aviation has established industry contacts with quality AMOs and Part 561 manufacturers to provide outstanding approved parts manufacturing and modification installation services.

Airborne Geological Surveying / Science Missions

Othman Aviation understands the needs of the geological surveying and science communities when it comes to airborne data collection (remote sensing). We have worked intensely with global leaders in these fields, and have achieved many STCs on a variety of aircraft for such installations.

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